Services to Fit Every Need…- We specialize in using what you already have to transform your home into what a buyer is looking for (Home Staging), or a space that perfectly reflects your family’s style, needs and comfort (Redesign).

Home Staging Services-    Because not all homes are the same, they require a different and customized approach when it comes to staging for optimal results.  We work to transform each room for a faster, more profitable sale!  We do occupied, vacant, and model home staging.

Interior Redesign Services-    Our design services start with a consultation where we assess your wishes, style and home.  We connect you to a wealth of design photos for inspiration and encouragement.  A proposal will be given that will fit your budget, style, family and home.

Organizational Services-    We specialize in organizing your space so that it is stress free and conducive to your daily needs.  We will begin with an account of what you would like to have organized.  We will discuss the budget you have for purchasing organizational supplies and materials, as well as having Designs by Cori Ann shop for those items. The next step is the organizing.  Fun, fun, fun!!!

Shopping Services- For accessories for your new home.


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